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Thickbox Pop Up On Load Auto Load for Pages or Posts WordPress Shortcode


CLICK HERE to download the plugin!

The purpose of this plugin is to have a single thickbox pop-up open when the page loads by inserting a shortcode into a post or page
Thickbox is automatically included in wordpress and is added to your theme if not already integrated through another plugin.

You can use additional shortcodes inside shortcode tags for added functionality (ie insert a contact form or gallery)

Proper Usage with Shotcode in a post or page is as follows:
[popuponload]    [/popuponload]
this shortcode  is to encapusalate the text and content you want in your thickbox autopop-up
it is ideal to have content in the proper tags: ie <p></p> <h1></h1> <span></span> ect..

variables are:
height (default: 500)
width  (default: 600)
title  (default: blank)
display (default: none) – can be any css display property:
this allows you to display the pop-up content in the post as well!
css  (default:  default.css)  – for experienced coding only
you can edit default.css from the plugin directory or upload
your own custom css to the plugin directory and specify that .css file instead

example usage:

[popuponload height="200" width="200" title="Your Title Here"]<p>Pop-Up Content</p>[/popuponload]

example LINK to open pop-up window from page:
<a title=”Your Title Here” href=”#TB_inline?height=200&amp;width=200&amp;inlineId=thickbox-popup-onload” class=”thickbox”>CLICK HERE TO OPEN POP-UP</a>

CLICK HERE to download the plugin!

Do you need a website, custom code or a tech guru for your project?
Live video visual mixing or talent for your upcoming event or production?
Contact Me!

todo:  make pop-up appear only once (per day, visit ect) so as not to annoy users when browsing website
       add additional options for thickbox  ie remove header, round corners, ect

Other WordPress Plugin:
jQuery Form Input Auto Tab and Input Validation
works with Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin

jQuery Form Input Auto Tab and Input Validation works with Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin

This plugin is currently under maintenance, will be back shortly.

Are you looking for text validation to validate phone numbers and text?
Are you looking for a simple way to integrate this into Contact Form 7?
Are you looking for a simple way to auto tab input fields on your form?

This simple plugin I wrote utilizes a wonderful piece of JavaScript written by Matthew Miller

All credit is given to Matthew Miller for his jQuery Script this plugin utilizes

**I simply wrote a plugin that integrates this script into the footer of your wordpress site for easy use and integration**

Click Here To Download The WordPress Plugin

Usage:  First Install to your plugin directory (ex:   /wp-content/plugins/  )

make sure your input field has a maxlength value for auto-tab feature to work
any field with maxlength will automatically tab when it reaches the length

include the following in your input class to activate each text validation option:
class=”numeric”    –  numbers 0 to 9 only
class=”alpha”  –  a to z alphabet only
class=”text”  –  any character except numbers 0 to 9
class=”alphanumeric”  – a to z and 0 to 9
class=”uppercase”  –  uppercase only, will transform lowercase text
class=”lowercase”   – lowercase only, will transform uppercase text
class=”nospace”   – no spaces allowed
html example:
<input type=”text” maxlength=”3″ value=”value” name=”name”>

for contact form 7 integration you can add multiple classes like this:

[text your-text /3 class:text class:uppercase]

***NOTE you can link mulptiple classes together ie:  class:alpha class:lowercase

Click Here To Download The WordPress Plugin


Numeric - Number 0 to 9 ONLY
good for phone validation

Alpha - a to z ONLY

Text - any character EXCEPT 0 to 9

Alphanumeric - a to z AND 0 to 9

Uppercase - ALL text uppercase

Lowercase - ALL text lowercase

NoSpace - NO SPACE allowed
good for email validation

Multiple Values Example: Alpha, NoSpace, Uppercase

Click Here To Download The WordPress Plugin

Have any questions?  Feel Free to Contact Me!

Other WordPress Plugin:
Thickbox Pop Up On Load Auto Load
for Pages or Posts WordPress Shortcode

How to automatically invite ALL your facebook friends to an event!

Hello Internet and welcome to a recent post from My Mind.  Today’s post come from a question by my good friend Jessica.  Jessica is a jewelry designer and the genius behind Industry Chains.

Jessica asks:  “Hey Nate, can you show me how to do that facebook friend invite thing so I can invite all my friends to a facebook event???”

Well Jessica, and the internet, here is the solution:

Note to Jess: Bookmark This Page for future reference!
Also, you can skip to step 8, I already did the other steps for you.
FYI, You might want to read the rest of the steps anyway.......


    Firefox is NOT REQUIRED to run iMacros!
    iOpus has released iMacros for Chrome and Internet Explorer!
    But you should get Firefox and use it anyway, it is far superior.
    And Firefox has LOTS of AWESOME plugins!First things first, do you use FirefoxNO!!?!!  WHY NOT!!!
    To accomplish this tutorial you need should get Firefox!
    if you already have Firefox please proceed to step 2.
    Firefox is NOT REQUIRED to run iMacros!
    iOpus has released iMacros for Chrome and Internet Explorer!Ok, great!  Now you have Firefox installed you are going to need a very special, SUPER AWESOME plug-in for Firefox your web browser called iMacros.iMacros is a Web Automation Scripting program and has a large number of functions and applications.  It is used for automatically interacting with a website or webpage and can be used to insert data to forms, scrape data and various other things.
    if you already have iMacros please proceed to step 3.
    Otherwise, please click the link and
    Install iMacros for Firefox!
    Install iMacros for Chrome!
    Install iMacros for Internet Explorer! 
    oh how i hate IE…
  3. Now that you have both Firefox and iMacros installed you are prepared, like a boyscout, to super quickly add all your Facebook friends to an event, like a ninja!  Now, open Firefox your web browser and click F8 or press the iMacros button, this opens and closes the iMacros panel that looks like this      >>>>>>>>>>>
    This is where you can ‘Play’ recorded macros,  ‘Rec’ord your own custom macro and also ‘Edit’ your macros.
  4. Go ahead and go to Facebook in Firefox your web browser and log-in to your account.
    (if you don’t know how to log into facebook then STOP reading this tutorial, throw your computer out the window and go eat crayons)
    Once you have logged into your account go ahead and create an event or click on your existing event and click
    Please NOTE:  If you did NOT create the event you must JOIN an event to see the button.
    (once again, if you do not know how to create a Facebook event either go figure it out or STOP reading this tutorial, stomp on your computer and go pet some kittens, the choice is yours.)
  5. Ok you should now be at this screen where you can check off all your Facebook friends you want to come to your event.
    If your like me, you have one friend: Kyle Broflovski.   You probably shouldn’t be reading this tutorial and should get a life before you get sucked into the virtual Facebook world.  However, for the sake of this tutorial I’m going to assume that you have HUNDREDS, maybe even THOUSANDS of Friends and you want to invite all of them to this fantabulous party or event.
    To do this we are going to write a Custom iMacros Script.  Press F8 to open the iMacros panel (if it isn’t already open) click the tab   and then click   It’s going to ask you:  “Would you like to close all tabs before recording?”  go ahead and click “No”  Now we are going to create our first macro.  Simply click the check-box for your first friend  and then click
  6. Congratulations, you have just created your first macro!  But don’t go celebrating just yet, you still need to modify the code before we can use it to quickly add all your friends to your Facebook event.
    Look at your iMacro panel and you will see a new macro called Select it and then click and then this will pop open a window where you can edit the text of your newly recorded macro.  Right now your macro should look like this:

    TAB T=1
    TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:CHECKBOX FORM=ACTION:/ajax/events/permalink/invite.php?plan_id=#############&profile_chooser=1 ATTR=NAME:checkableitems[] CONTENT=YES

    VERSION is the current build of iMacros and the RECORDER used to record the macro.  This line is not important and can be deleted if you like.  The next line TAB tells the macro to run in tab 1, in this case this is not important and you can delete this line as well.  The third line URL tells iMacros to open the address for Facebook events, this will interfere with our script so we want to delete this line also.  Now you should only be left with the TAG line in your script editor.

  7. The next step is to modify the code so that it checks not just one of your friends but all your friends.  We are going to do this with a simple !LOOP.  We are also going to add an asterisk * to the FORM=ACTION: because the plan_id is going to change for each event.  Once modified properly your code should then look like this:
    TAG POS={{!loop}} TYPE=INPUT:CHECKBOX FORM=ACTION:*profile_chooser=1 ATTR=NAME:checkableitems[] CONTENT=YES

    If you want to you can just copy that code right there and paste it into your editor and your macro is all set! This should be the only line in your macro script.  I would also recommend that you now rename to something like ‘FacebookAddAll.iim’  You can do this by right clicking and selecting ‘Rename’  This ensures that if you record a new macro you don’t overwrite the code we just created.

  8. Now we are going to play the macro we just created and it will check off all of our friends in a row and invite them to our event!  To do this there are a couple important tips/tricks you must know.
    First of all, you need to know how many friends you have on Facebook.  You can find out by viewing your profile.  Once you know how many friends you have you need to click on the button for whatever event you want to invite everyone to.  Once you are at this window you will need to scroll to the bottom of your friend list so that everyone is pre-loaded and ready to be checked off the invite list.
    You are now ready to run your script!
  9. Go to the iMacros panel (press F8) and select the tab.  Make sure the proper macro is highlighted in the iMacros panel. (‘FacebookAddAll.iim’ or whatever you named the script)  Now you are going to need to type in the total number of Facebook friend you have under “Repeat Macro – Max:”  This is a very important step, you can type a larger number if needed but if you don’t do this correctly you may not invite everyone and the script will stop halfway through your list.  Now go ahead and click and watch the magic happen.  If you did everything correctly you can watch as all your friends get checked off the invite list.   If your script stops half way through double check that you put the right number in the ‘Max:’ field and start the script over again.  If your script doesn’t work at all (nobody gets checked off) make sure you copied the code correctly. Feel free to post any additional questions in the comments below.

If you need a custom iMacros script written for your own application feel free to contact me.  I specialize in web automation scripting, data scraping and auto-posting!  You can contact me with any questions.
Also feel free to check out my site and learn more about my professional services.

Running Virtual XP on any Operating System with Virtual PC VirtualBox VMWare

Hey Guys,

Welcome to a new post.

From ME
at my MIND


I have been playing around with Setting up some 32gb memory cards as all-in-one boot drives.
I have also been playing around with running virtual XP on window 7 to run my scripts and some of my 32 bit audio apps through.

My goal is to create this:
A Memory Card that contains syslinux boot to linux mint that I can then run my virtual XP on my memory card from Virtual Box or some other device.

Here are a few bugs I have found upon the way and a few things to keep in mind:

To copy your virtual XP disk from windows 7 to Virtual Box, VMware or Microsoft Virtual PC you must first combine your vhd files.
You are required to have 2 .vhd files in order to run your virtual machine.

The first file you need is you Virtual XP.vhd (located in C:Users%UserName%AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows Virtual PCVirtual Machines)

NOTE YOU (may) WILL ALSO NEED THE Virtual XP.vmc, vmcx, vpcbackup files from this location as well!

and also the Virtual XP Base.vhd file (located in C:Program FilesWindows XP Mode)

To run your Virtual XP machine on Portable Virtual Box, VM Ware or Microsoft Virtual PC these files must be combined.

Here is a link to one method of doing this on windows 7

however I was trying to accomplish this on windows XP so I could not combine in this method.

Here is what I had to do.

Copy both files into one directory.
Make the Virtual XP Base.vhd file read only
(right click on the file and select properties then check ‘read only’ in attributes and click ‘ok’)

Install Virtual PC 2007

Run Virtual PC 2007
File > Virtual Disk Wizard
Select “Edit and Existing Virtual Disk”
Browse to your .vhd file location
Select the Windows XP.vhd
this could cause issues if that file is modified in any way!

After you have selected the .vhd file click ‘next’

You are now going to get an ERROR – Virtual PC!

“The virtual hard disk’s parent appears to have been modified without using the differencing virtual hard disk.”

(oh nooooo…)

“Modifying the parent virtual hard disk may result in data corruption. It is strongly recommended that you mark the parent virtual hard disk as read-only to prevent this in the future. If you recently changed time zones on your host operating system, you can safely continue using this virtual hard disk.”

but its OK!

Next we are going to merge the differencing drive (windows XP.vhd) with its parent drive (windows XP base.vhd) into a New File!

Select the location of where you want to save the file and give it a new name like:
and click ‘next’


Please wait…..

and wait….

and wait….

If all went well the wizard should say “the virtual hard disk was merged successfully.”

You should now be able to use your new vhd on Virtual Box, VMware or Virtual PC.

To do this you need to create a new pc and direct it to the .vhd file that we just created!



When I booted up I couldn’t remember my XPMuser password!!

to workaround this I rebooted and pressed F8 at startup and went into safe mode.  Once in safe mode it asked me for a user and password.  I typed in ‘Administrator’ and left the password blank.  This allowed me to then login and change the XPMuser password from Start>Control Panel>Users

As an alternative I also booted to safe mode with command prompt and upon logging into the console type:

Net User XPMuser *

and then enter twice to reset the XPMuser password to blank


UH OH   Watch OUT!

please keep this in mind

I ran into some trouble and found out why it is necessary to also copy your Virtual XP.vmc file to make sure everything is configured properly.

In windows XP if there is a significant hardware change in loading a virtual drive it will trigger windows validation.  To avoid this issue you want to ensure that you maintain the settings in your original .vmc file.

What I did next:

From Virtual PC 2007

I clicked ‘New’ and then NEXT and then selected ‘add existing virtual machine’ and imported the original .vmc file

However before getting the computer to successfully boot I had to edit the .vmc  file (with Notepad++! or your favorite text editor or by changing the setting in the virtual console) and change the directory of disk 1 to point to the virtual disk I created earlier.

In Virtual PC I got the following error:

The hardware standard (Virtual PC 7) for virtual machine “Scripts” is not recognized.
The virtual machine can start, but some settings may be changed and some settings may not be used.

Uh OH!

So I took a closer look at the .vmc file and found:

<name type=”string”>Virtual PC 7</name>

Apparently the virtual computer is looking for my Virtual PC7 hardware profile which is not available on Virtual PC 2007

I decided to scrap using Microsoft Virtual PC and try something else.

Here is some good refrence material for editing .vmc file


Here are some cool links:

UNetbootin USB creator (to make the Linux Mint boot disk)

Yumi Boot Installer (from Pen Drive Linux)

NOTE  I have NOT gotten YUMI to work on my 32gb usb drive yet… it appears to be using an older version of syslinux however UNetbootin did work.

YUMI is def much better though!

Also check out:

Portable Virtual Box



It has been awhile…

…….since I have posted to my wonderful and random web blog.  So I decided today that its time to create some more adversity amongst my readers.  So without further adu… adou… adubt…. a-doo… (how the hell do you spell it!)



so now on to more pressing matters…

Haven Meadows (dot) com…

YES go there, check it out!  See artwork like THIS:

CLICK IT!  You know you want to….

And now to more things you should click:

Both of them need to be updated but I’ve been busy!


Sorry guys,  go check em out anyway!  Good stuff there!

While your at it, have you seen the items I have for sale for local pickup or delivery in the Austin TX area?

just go to:

Check out what is available.

I also have a new idea for a business building online stores for people.  Wanna know how it works?  Need an online store for yourself?  Then Contact Me for more info! :)

Ok… so what other projects do I have going on right now…

Oh yeah!  Have you heard of Liquid Media Lab?  or Waveform Lasers?

(click the links)

ok….. what else, what else…

oh yeah!  I have a new camera!

The Panasonic Lumix G1 is the world first Micro 4/3 Lens Camera.

“What does that mean Nate?”

Well, in all older SLR cameras the camera had a mirror box that would reflect what was seen through the lens up to the viewfinder so the photographer could look through and capture his image perfectly.  With the Panasonic Lumix g1 this mirror box was removed and replaced with a small lcd screen.  This allowed the SLR to become much more compact.

Now there are two companies that have adapted this new lens standard.  Olympus has been working on a micro 4/3 point and shoot while Panasonic has come out with the Lumix g1 (and also the GH1 that has the ability to shoot HD video)

So now I have this beautiful new micro 4/3 SLR camera that I can go out and take amazing photographs with as well as do professional photo shoots.

Interested in hiring a photographer? videographer?  graphic designer?  web developer?


Check Out My New Website!

I have recently premiered my new Free Software Review Website.

Soft Thoughts is a place for people to find and read reviews on the best software around on the internet today.  You can browse through the FREE software reviews and find FREE solutions to your software needs.

I would also like to encourage you to register to receive FREE updates on the latest reviews as well as participate in rating and discussion of reviewed software.

Have a program you would like to see reviewed on SoftThoughts?  Have a need for a program but not sure which one to use?  Looking for a review on a program I haven’t reviewed yet?  You can recommend or request it!

More Questions?
Well then feel free to contact me and let me know!

Remember:  SoftThoughts for SoftWare

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Top 10 android applications

This Christmas I upgraded to the g1 running the android operating system.  I have to say, it is the best phone I have ever owned. The flip open QWERTY keyboard gives it a huge advantage over the iPhone, although it does lack a multi touch screen. Android is an open source phone operating system which allows users to program their own applications. This has created a huge database of applications for users to choose from. I have downloaded and deleted enough apps that I could have filled my memory up 3x over! So today I’m going to tell you my best android application picks.

to download these apps browse to this page from your android device
application links only work on the android operating system

1. PostBot – This application gets the number 1 slot simply because I’m using it right now. It allows you to post to your wordpress blog straight from your android! It also lets you save and manage multiple blogs.

2. Task Switcher – A MUST HAVE application for the android. This program lets you switch between tasks quickly and easily. Once installed go to your settings and check Use Camera Button. Then you have easy access to your task swapping.

3. Sky Map – This application is so cool! And a great reason to take your romance interest “stargazing” at that secluded hill above the city. It connects with your GPS and phone balance sensors to determine exactly what constellations the phone is being pointed at at that time. Then you can simply pan your phone to view and pinpoint all of the symbols in the stars!

4. Twilight – As a photographer I like this application because it tells you what time the sun will rise and set each day. It also tells you dawn and dusk times. Great for making sure you catch that hour of golden light in your shoot.

5. aLastFM player – I love this application! I connect my android to my car stereo and then start up my personalized lastFM station and jam all day without commercials. The one issue I have had with the android is there is no way to charge the device while playing music. It needs a built in headset jack or a microUSB headset splitter.

6. Woot Checker – Get daily updates on deals from! This application keeps you on top of the deals as well as notifying you as soon as a new deal is released.

7. Locale – Tired of your phone ringing in the middle of an important meeting? Locale lets you set conditions for ring settings based on time, event or location. You can set it so your phone automatically silences when you walk into a movie theater or ignore calls from your boss when you get home.

8. RemoteDroid – Network your android device with your computer. Then use your keyboard to type and your touch screen as a touch pad. Requires that you have this software installed on your computer as well.

9. Tetherbot – This program requires a little bit of tweaking but it allows you to connect your phone to your computer and browse the internet through your phones connection.

10. Samuel Jackson Soundboard – There are a few soundboard apps for android including Arnold Sounds and Mr T.  Samuel Jackson is my favorite and works great for prank calling your friends on speaker phone.

Well there are a ton more cool applications for the android but these are my choices. If you have favorites you feel should have been included in the list feel free to mention them in the comments.

The Coolest Sites On The Internet

Today I’m going to tell you about my top 10 websites.   So get your web-surfing finger primed and ready to click.

Featuring flying monkeys and bags of crap is your place to find the deal of the day.  Every day a new deal is featured.   They also feature deals on t-shirts and wine on ShirtWoot and WineWoot.

While your checking out the deals on woot you ought to check out the deals at

Fat Wallet is an online deal shopping website.   The forums are a great place to post deals you have found and also find deals that others have posted.  People can also leave feedback on deals.

After all that shopping I’ll bet you need to just sit back, relax and watch some funny videos on is a place for you to waste hours and hours of time at work when your boss isn’t looking.   They feature the best videos on the internet as well as make their own original comedy shorts.   They also have a nice collection of hilarious photos that readers have uploaded.  Great place to waste time and get a good laugh.

Now when your tired of all that wasting time watching funny videos you can go to this website and actually learn something new. is an internet tv station with some really interesting shows.  PixelPerfect features Bert Monroy teaching various photoshop tips and tricks.  Hack5 is a show for network security wizards and features various tips on network security, modding, open source and various other subjects that appel to your technolust.  Scam School is a show for tricksters and riddlers that want to scam their way to a few free drinks. Thats just a taste of what Revision3 Internet Television has to offer.

Getting tired of watching internet videos?  Well then why don’t you click your way to is a place to see some of the best artist of our time.  Big names such as Brom, Andrew Gonzalez, Alex Grey and HR Giger are featured on this site.

Another great online art gallery is

Its Art Magazine is a place for digital artist to have their work published in an online magazine.  There is some really cool stuff and amazing artwork on this website.

Now that you’ve seen all that awesome digital artwork I’ll bet you wish you had the resources to create your own.  Well I’m not going to tell you how to do it but I will give you a push in the right direction.   All aboard Mates, were heading to the


Well there are some cool blogs out there as well.  Although it is indisputable that mine is the GREATEST WEB BLOG EVER!  Although these other blogs are worth reading as well.

Hack a day features different hard mods, soft mods and cool stuff for the technical elite.

If you like gadgets then you need to keep an eye on Engadget.  Always featuring new and cool electronics.

One last blog worth noting is maintained by Johnny Lee.  He talks about all sorts of cool tech stuff on there and is always an interesting, innovative and informative.

Well thats all, 10 new sites for you to surf.  Hope you enjoy!