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exposing the politicians for who they are… lying, slandering scoundrels…
don’t believe what your told, check the facts first! then make an informed decision.

Now to continue with our regularly scheduled blogging…..

The year is 2008 and after a long tyranny of political injustice President George Bush is going to be REPLACED!



ok so we have 2 major candidates running for supreme ruler of America (aka President)
So I have decided to take some time out of my day this beautiful Sunday and overview the two candidates and my personal opinion on both of them. Should be fuNNN!!!

So lets begin…
I would like to introduce to you today, the technologically impaired, too old to last all 4 years, this man thought the world wide web was created by Spiderman…. let me get a warm round of applause for:

Mr. John McCain

LOL Ok so seriously now… look at the guy! He has just started to be able to get on the internet “without supervision” This guy can barley check his own email! He thinks you should call your dentist when you have problems with your bluetooth! He’s so old he has a heart attack every time he sneezes! Plus, he is a republican and do you really want to trust them after Bush? I didn’t think so. He wants us to stay in Iraq for who knows how long, he is on the same political agenda as the Bush administration and he will continue to take away our personal freedoms and drive our economy into a deeper rut. He is constantly contradicting himself on important issues taking the stance that is most appropriate at the time and never sticks to his guns on his opinions on important issues. In fact is seems as though he takes whatever side of the issue he is instructed to take.

Remember guys, the ultimate goal is 1 world government!

Ok enough about McCain… for all you conservatives that are voting republican because its what your parents did or because you’ve just “always been a republican” I think you need to re-think your stance and think about what is best for EVERYONE as a whole (in the world) Open your eyes and see the hidden agenda now before all our freedoms are taken away.

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And were back! Welcome back to The Mind at Nathan Goodfellow (dot us)
and we continue our program with (cue nothing but a G-Thang)
and now introducing the man who asks for change, gives change, promises change, and changes his underwear every day!
let me get a resounding “whoop whoop” for:

Mr. Barack Obama!!!!

HA HA That picture makes me laugh!
Ok now everyone keeps telling me about Obama and change, change, change, change
Were gonna change this
were gonna change that
change the economy, change the war, change the goverment, change the people
change change change
have you looked at the stock market or the cost of gas recently? Look at how most people feel about the government right now and whats going on in America
OF COURSE WE NEED CHANGE! Thats what everyone wants is CHANGE!
but what kind of change? change for the better, change for the worse or just different?
I’m sorry everyone, this may be unfounded and I just might be crazy (Yes)
but I don’t trust Obama… I agree he is a much better choice than McCain but he sounds like someone who is telling me what I want to hear and not the truth (my ex girlfriend used to do that all the time)
Also I am positve that he is going to win the presidential election, I believe that to have been predetermined and sadly to say, I don’t think my vote or anyone elses vote will change that. The question is, what is his real agenda going to be once he is in office. Is he going to bring the kind of change that is best for the people of the world or is he going to be even more devious and destructive than those before him. I do not know.
What I do know is what I’m going to do on November 4th 2008. I can and will not in right mind and concious cast a vote for either of these candidates. Yet I refuse to throw away my opportunity to make my statement to the world (despite the fact that I still believe voting to be pointless and elections rigged) Instead of casting a Republican or Democrat vote, Instead of supporting McCain or Obama, I will instead take the opportunity to WRITE IN this man who did not make the ballot:

Senator Ron Paul

p.s. I’m sorry Stephen Colbert… you were my second choice…..