So as many of you know, this past weekend involved “Black Friday” the biggest shopping day of the year. So I’m watching the news and these two stories jump out at me… At a New York Walmart an employee is trampled to death after a mob of shoppers tear down the front door and stampede in to get amazing deals! they had a 50″ PLASMA TV for $800!!! OMG! WOW! I totally need one of those! uhh… is that someones skull under my feet? oh well! they ALWAYS have low prices! Besides you can save MONEY! and LIVE better! Well… except for this guy:

But its not just the East Coast that had a very dark Black Friday this last weekend. On the West Coast 2 women were arguing in a Toys-R-Us, probably over the last Hannah Montana Singing Doll on the shelf. I imagine they were both insisting that their daughter was going to get the doll for Christmas. Well I guess their husbands both decided to take matters into their own hands and both pulled their straps out and shot each other to death as terrified customers ran for cover. I guess neither of their daughters are getting Hannah Montana this Christmas, or to ever see dad again.