Have you heard the latest new story today?  I just read it on CNN and it made me sick.  This sick FUCK Philip Garrido and his wife  kidnapped an 11yr old girl and kept her locked away in his backyard for 18 years!  During this period she had 2 of his children.  While reading the news stories I discovered that this sick psycho maintained a web blog where he claimed to be able to “control sound with his mind.”

Voices Revealed

That is right this psycho thinks that he can control sound with his mind and has even found a list of SUCKERS who signed affidavits stating that they witnessed this phenomenon.

Here is an example of a signed affidavit and Philip Garrido apparently even got copies of their business cards posted on his web blog.
Here is a list of those mindless sheep.

WOW! What a bunch of tools! These mindless morons fell for a psycho’s mind control trick and they are grown adults. The only one I feel bad for is poor Jaycee Lee Dugard who at 11 years old was too young and gullible to know better, unlike the aforementioned adults.

Why are religious people so blinded by their own ideas of god that they fail to see the selfish and evil undertones of their actions.
Long story short I hope Philip and his wife both rot in jail for a long time and the inmates there afflict tenfold the abuse upon them both than what they afflicted upon that innocent 11yr old girl. I hope the damage from that attack leaves their rectums so battered and bruised that they bleed out in a slow and agonizingly painful death.