well not really, but today I decided to take some time to tell you about….

Maker Faire!
This Saturday and Sunday October 18 & 19 at the Travis County Expo Center!
I will be out there with the 8D crew and I think were going to be showing people 3D art… so check it out!

also while I’m advertising… check out the new and improved
Subliminal Phoenix (dot com)

The site still needs some IE debugging but it looks beautiful in Firefox

So while your checking all this new stuff out let me recommend an awesome website to you for Photoshop tutorials and techniques. Its hosted on an online video website called Revision3 and the show is called Pixel Perfect The host Bert Monroy is kinda like the Bob Ross of digital painting. If your just starting out learning photoshop or an advanced user who wants to learn new techniques I would highly recommend watching all of his episodes.

Well thats it for now guys…

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