So this last weekend was Maker Faire!!! It felt like I died and went to NERD HEAVEN! 😛 LoL

So.. I saw all sorts of cool stuff! There were electric Cars, MIDI Guitars, a computer built out of an old oscilloscope, a computer submerged in a fish tank, instruments you play by waving your hand, touch sensitive music controller, fire drums, a fire truck with a built in solar stage, self propelled skateboards, a city of legos and MORE!!!

As well as some awesome art including: 3D Portraits on the spot, beautiful digital prints with welded frames to match, some really nice HDR photography, trippy 3D art, beautiful photoshop compliations, a guy who carves peanuts and even some amazing hand carved leather art by Moses. Moses even showed me how to make my own leather art and I think leather carving is going to become a new hobby of mine.

I also talked to so many cool people: a couple that sells funky art online, a Texas handmade art dealer, a guy setting up community workshops and labs, and my favorite; a couple that walked around talking to people and giving them inspirational cards. I talked to them for a while and ended up getting three of them, the first one read “birth” the second “bounty” and the third “peace”
I think I know what they mean….