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Are you looking for text validation to validate phone numbers and text?
Are you looking for a simple way to integrate this into Contact Form 7?
Are you looking for a simple way to auto tab input fields on your form?

This simple plugin I wrote utilizes a wonderful piece of JavaScript written by Matthew Miller

All credit is given to Matthew Miller for his jQuery Script this plugin utilizes

**I simply wrote a plugin that integrates this script into the footer of your wordpress site for easy use and integration**

Click Here To Download The WordPress Plugin

Usage:  First Install to your plugin directory (ex:   /wp-content/plugins/  )

make sure your input field has a maxlength value for auto-tab feature to work
any field with maxlength will automatically tab when it reaches the length

include the following in your input class to activate each text validation option:
class=”numeric”    –  numbers 0 to 9 only
class=”alpha”  –  a to z alphabet only
class=”text”  –  any character except numbers 0 to 9
class=”alphanumeric”  – a to z and 0 to 9
class=”uppercase”  –  uppercase only, will transform lowercase text
class=”lowercase”   – lowercase only, will transform uppercase text
class=”nospace”   – no spaces allowed
html example:
<input type=”text” maxlength=”3″ value=”value” name=”name”>

for contact form 7 integration you can add multiple classes like this:

[text your-text /3 class:text class:uppercase]

***NOTE you can link mulptiple classes together ie:  class:alpha class:lowercase

Click Here To Download The WordPress Plugin

[contact-form-7 id=”3962″ title=”jQuery Plugin Example”]

Click Here To Download The WordPress Plugin

Have any questions?  Feel Free to Contact Me!

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