I decided the its true. The things you own own you. And since I understand how the government and central bank system works it appears that money is worthless as well. So I have decided to sell as many of my possessions as possible and put the money towards something that will benefit both me and those around me. I’m tired of owning things, I don’t want to own anything! I just want to live and enjoy living, have food to eat, a place to sleep and a computer to do my graphic design on. Well right now I have all but the last one, since there are some horribly depraved people in this world who decided to steal my prize possession from me and I have yet to kill them or get it back. So to replace the stolen laptop and camera…

I have decided to sell the following items: 42″ Plasma TV and Stand, Compound Crossbow 250lb pull with target, 2 nice black “leather” couches with glass coffee table, mini bar and mini fridge and anything else of value that I can dig up out of the crap thats in my room that I don’t need…

Everything else will probably go to goodwill. I’m tired of things, I’m tired of money, I’m tired of the way reality is heading and I’m really tired of thinking about all of it. So instead I’m gonna block everything out for a bit and get some real work done with my new laptop and camera! (purchased with the money I get from selling this crap I don’t need)
So if you or one of your friends are interested just scroll over there to the right of my blog and click that little link that says “contact me”
NO not down there! up here! under the “Stuff You Should Click On” category!
ok ok, there we go… ok you can click that and drop me an email and make me an offer on whatever your interested in. I will email you back photos and info!
Thanks for helping me get a new computer! I need one desperately!