Hello Class, (good morning Mr Goodfellow…)
Today we are going to learn about Quantum Physics and how Matter can be a solid or a wave. (sounds interesting Mr Goodfellow!) So to begin my discussion I’m going to show you all this video from Professor “Q” Afterward I will discuss application and then we will leave the floor open to student discussion. Now, lets begin!

Video clip was taken from the movie: What the bleep do we know

Thanks Professor “Q”!
So what did we just learn…. did he really say that matter (like light) can be both wave-like and particle-like. And the matter state depends if it is being observed or not! So both light and matter, the two thing that make the building blocks of our reality, have wave–particle duality. And the state of matter is directly controlled by it being observed. Does that mean that all unobserved matter can be in any wavelength but doesn’t manifest itself as a particle until an energy being observes it and changes it to a particle. Are you telling me that its scientifically proven that people, both singularly and collectively, have the ability to control and manipulate the world around them by changing matter from waves to particles!?! That our perception manifests reality!?!

Wow, I think I just blew my own mind… *POP*

Ok, now its time for class discussion: