This is a question that has been asked through the ages. What is spirituality and how does it affect me? When I think of spirituality I think of spiritual energy, our soul if you will. That spiritual energy is inside every creature in this universe and it ties all creatures together. Every human being has an energy connection with every other human they interact with. Some of these “energy” or “spiritual” bonds are stronger than others. I believe the strongest spiritual energy bond is between parents and children, although this bond can be weakened or even severed. So now you’re probably wondering “if spirituality is energy what about god, satan, heaven, hell and everything else religion teaches.” Well open your mind with me for just a moment and understand that the spirit world is the energy world. That energy flows through us and all other living things. This energy is a bond to tie the universe together. If you think about life in this way and you keep an open perspective on reality as I do then you will see that there are similarities in all religions. I could fill a whole book with the comparisons between religion and spiritual energy. How faith in the wrong men can lead to spiritual blindness, the closing of the third eye and a close-minded perspective on life. This is what the dark powers in the world want. I am just trying to explain what I have learned throughout my life. I hope to bring my enlightened perspective to those that are open minded enough to absorb it. But please don’t take my words at any more than face value. Real spirituality is something you have to understand and discover yourself; I am only trying to show you the way. If you can learn what I have discovered in the last 24 years of my life then I have accomplished my mission. Maybe then we can stop and overcome this dark shadow that has been creeping across the world. Not through religion, money, power or war but through a multitude of open minded, free thinkers standing up for the truth. I want to discuss quite a few topics: compare the similarities between all religions, how your spiritual energy flows and is connected with everything, how your mind works and how to escape from close minded thinking, and everything else I think everyone should know. Those that look at life with an open mind will take my words and use them to advance their own spiritual journey. Anyone with a closed mind will either begin to open their mind or be blinded by their own stubbornness, too set in their own idea of reality to see the truth or allow it to change their perspective. If you are the last one please, stop reading this and just dispute it without trying to find valid arguments inside. I don’t want to argue about what I know is true I just want others to understand. Remember, these writings are just the words of man, don’t just blindly accept what I have to say, instead go out and find out the truth as I did.

(Prologue to a book I was writing… chapter 1 was on my stolen laptop… so I figured why write a book when I can just blogg)

(The Awakening of the Heart)
By: Andrew Gonzales