So today I have decided to make a difference. I’m going to make a stand for personal freedom and liberty by boycotting every major corporation in America. I’m going to start this boycott by talking about:

Yes the giant corporate steamroller, coming to areas and plowing over every small business there with their LOW LOW LOW prices. Yet like mindless sheep people of towns and cities across America stop shopping at their local business to go to the super-center. Eventually these small “mom and pop” shops go out of business and even the property their store is on has decreased in value because of the ominous Walmart that was built up the road. Think about it people, when you shop at a corporate business you are circulating your money through that corporation. Wouldn’t you rather shop local and circulate your money through your local community? Don’t you realize the more you benefit your local economy the better chance you have of it bettering you. Walmart can sell for less because they have so many stores that they can buy such a large quantity from manufactures that the price break is phenomenal. Most of these manufactures are from other countries! The more you support the nationwide economy the closer you push us to a single global economy. That is not what I want! I support individual freedoms and liberties. The ideas that this country was founded on! Not economic slavery to a government that controls both my money and my ability to do what I want. Isn’t it amazing how many personal freedoms have been stripped from Americans in just the last 100 years!?! So stop shopping at Walmart… unless you want to be a slave to the global enterprise.

Now we have walmart destroying small business and runing local economys and then you walk inside and what do you see:

Now I know not every Walmart has a McDonalds in it. But a lot of them do! And for every Walmart in America there is probably at least 2 or 3 McDonalds within a few miles. Now I’m sure many of you have watched “Super Size Me” and seen how McDonalds is really bad for your health. But have you ever thought about how much money is poured into that business on a daily basis. American are paying for suicide through delicious hamburgers! MmmmMmmmmMM Burgers! LoL But now stop thinking about the burgers and how unhealthy they are for you. Anyone can cook unhealthy food, hell some of the crap my ex girlfriend used to cook looked (and tasted) pretty damn unhealthy. But think about the money you make and where you spend it and also what those business or corporations are doing with that money. Is it ever going to get circulated back to you? Well unless your a McDonald employee then probably not. Now think about this for a moment. When you buy food items from McDonalds, HEB, Walmart or any major corporation where does that food come from? Huge farms and factory’s that harvest and process it. What about your local farmer? what about the people that grow their own vegetables, raise their own cattle and try to sustain themselves through their own food production? That is who I want to support, not the corporate farmers that can put any product they want into our food supply. I want to get my food like they did over 100 years ago, from a neighbor or grown myself. That is why I say screw the corporate food business and buy from your local farmers market. Remember, support your local economy, its a stand against globalization.

Now next on the agenda of corporations I am boycotting and very much dislike:

Now many of you are thinking “why starbucks!?!” “I love their coffee”
This is CRAP!
Do you realize how much money you a pissing away each year on this CRAPPY coffee thats not really that good, overpriced and not much different from coffee ANYWHERE ELSE! You can go to any small local coffee shop and buy the SAME coffee made from the SAME machines for the SAME price (or less) but because it has the crappy Starbucks logo you want to go there! Stop and think about it people, spend your money on the business that you want to support and not because of a brand name or logo or popularity. Besides Starbucks is WAY overpriced anyway! Spend your money on small business and local economy, people that will come go out and support other local business and help grow your local economy. The more you support corporations the more you shackle yourself to eternal economic slavery. So Stop!

Ok next on my list of corporations I’m going to point the finger at today and say I will not support is:

Yeah their computers suck, their customers service sucks, their marketing sucks, and yes they are also overpriced. If you want a decent computer for a good price I recommend building it yourself. Its not that hard or expensive and you might learn something in the process. But please don’t buy a Dell, buy purchasing yourself a dell computer your showing dell that people will actually buy their crap and also giving them money to produce even more crappy computers. So go shop somewhere else!
While I’m on the subject of computers I would like to add that

Yeah, I hate windows Vista… don’t install it, don’t use it, its a piece of crap! If you have it down grade to XP!

Here is the easiest corporation to argue against:

Notice the slogan: “I came, I saw, I conquered”
Why do we even give these cigarette corporations our money? To kill ourselves, so we can die and not worry about the world we pass on to our children to take care of! Well I like smoking, it was definitely a hard habit to conquer. But I conquered it! I realized how much of my hard earned money I was giving to this huge corporation for NO REASON at all! So I stopped buying cigarettes and I recommend the rest of you do the same. Think about every dollar you spend and where it is going. Are you spending it for the right reason? Or for selfish reasons? Look at the whole picture, the global picture, look at the direction things have been headed for the last 100 years, and then how they have progressed over the last 10 years! Money is used to control you. Don’t be a slave to it and PLEASE don’t give it back to the slave masters.

One last corporation I forgot to mention:

thats right, where is the juice!?!
I go to so many restaurants to eat and when I look at the selection of soft drinks all I see is: Soda, Soda, Soda, Water
WHERE IS THE JUICE! Where is the 100% all natural caffeine free delicious fresh squeezed JUICE! Why is it that everywhere I go coke or soda is practically forced down my throat? Well I’m sick of it! Sodas are packed full of sugar and caffeine and horrible for your health. They will give you pimples and make you fat! Yet it is still practically forced down our throats! Well let me remind you of something. The stronger and healthier your body is the stronger and healthier your mind is. Remember that! The more you let your body deteriorate and be destroyed by the t
hings you consume the weaker your mind will become. So eat healthy, promote a healthy lifestyle, avoid fast food, support your local economy and do what I do, avoid these corporations that want to dumb us down, strip us of our personal freedoms, drop computer chips in all of us and make us their slaves.
I for one will stand up against them. Who is with me?

Remember, the #1 priority of a corporation is its responsibility to its share holders to increase the return on their investment. In other words their #1 priority is to MAKE MORE MONEY. Usually with no regard to individuals, communities, the environment or the world.