and welcome to my mind
I’ve had a few things on my mind about the world and the way everything has been going recently and I’m going to express them unchecked and forthwith.
Wake up America! WAKE UP WORLD! Turn off your TV and WAKE UP! Do you not realize that we have all become slaves to our income. Slaves to our jobs, and when we get home, slaves to our television screens. Working for corporations that their main agenda is to MAKE MORE MONEY! Money is what makes the world turn. The more income we have the more comfortable we become. The more money we have the more we want the latest and greatest of everything. We spend trillions of dollars a day on CRAP WE DON’T NEED trying to buy happiness. We are being controlled by comfort, and can be comfortably rocked into a blissful lull of slavery. Slaves to money. Slaves to television. Slaves to our jobs and our bills. Slaves to everything we own. Control is all about comfort. If an individual is comfortable they don’t question much. They sit in comfortable bliss and allow themselves to be manipulated by those who feed them the things that they think they need to be more comfortable, to be happy. You were comfortable with yourself until you saw someone more attractive on television. You were happy with what you have until you see someone with nicer things than you. Then you have to have it. We are a consumer driven economy and we the consumers are going to drive ourselves into economic slavery. If we haven’t already. So TURN OFF YOUR DAMN TELEVISION. Go think for yourself for once. Why do you accept everything that is fed into your brain as the truth. Don’t believe everything you hear, especially on TV. Don’t allow your whole life to be wasted. Open your eyes and go do something amazing, or creative. Join a club, write a book, hell… learn something new from the internet. Its an abundance of information. Just please, TURN OFF YOUR DAMN TV! When did we become so zombified that we just blindly accept everything that is shoved down our throats and lost the ability to think for ourselves. I think religion had a large part to do with it. Blind faith. Accept what we are telling you without question. Don’t forget to tithe. We will show you the way of the truth and light. Well it all sounds nice, but why is it that every single one is a hypocrite? Why!?! And what about the similarities between all the other religions? Why is one religion any better, or hell, any different than any other religion? Because names and circumstance are changed? But when you get down to the core ideas they are all the same. Yet people will fight, argue, and even kill to prove their belief the right one. You know what world, I say WAKE UP! Wake up and realize that we are all one and the same. Anyone that is telling you that you are any better or any worse than someone else because of your age, race, wealth, nationality or religious preference is simply TRYING TO CONTROL YOU. Don’t allow anyone to control or dictate your thought. Go think for yourself for once. And please, TURN OFF YOUR DAMN TELEVISION!