And welcome to another blogging from this crazy, twisted noggin of mine. Today I’m going to talk to you about nothing. Absolutely nothing. Do you know why?
Well I will tell you why!
See up there???? It says welcome to MY mind! And I can post whatever I feel like. And YOU can’t stop me….
Yeah I guess that sounds kinda selfish. But sorry guys, thats life… don’t like it? Go start your own blog!
like Parker or Josh. Hell if your really that bored go read some of the crap I wrote before. Do you like technology???? get a wii and do some cool stuff with it! or go build yourself some inexpensive network storage. Hell you can read all the political bitching I do and maybe get a good laugh! And if your still bored, well you can read all about some crazy photography techniques like HDR, 3D photography or read My definition of art. And if your STILL bored after that, well then go watch some funny videos online or look at some of the amazing leather artwork my buddy Moses makes. If you like art you can check out the links to artists and other cool people I met at Makers Faire. Why do I always have to be the entertainer? Whats up with that… can’t you go entertain your self! Can’t I get just a little bit of peace and quiet here????
Ok, fine… I’m going back to bed…
I’ll blogg about something of relivance later…
for example: How to carve leather, How to make 3D photos, How to dump your girlfriend, Where to find cheap hookers and maybe even a blog on How to make a million dollars!!!
All this and MORE coming soon to a computer screen near you!