…….since I have posted to my wonderful and random web blog.  So I decided today that its time to create some more adversity amongst my readers.  So without further adu… adou… adubt…. a-doo… (how the hell do you spell it!)



so now on to more pressing matters…

Haven Meadows (dot) com…

YES go there, check it out!  See artwork like THIS:

CLICK IT!  You know you want to….

And now to more things you should click:

Both of them need to be updated but I’ve been busy!


Sorry guys,  go check em out anyway!  Good stuff there!

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I also have a new idea for a business building online stores for people.  Wanna know how it works?  Need an online store for yourself?  Then Contact Me for more info! 🙂

Ok… so what other projects do I have going on right now…

Oh yeah!  Have you heard of Liquid Media Lab?  or Waveform Lasers?

(click the links)

ok….. what else, what else…

oh yeah!  I have a new camera!

The Panasonic Lumix G1 is the world first Micro 4/3 Lens Camera.

“What does that mean Nate?”

Well, in all older SLR cameras the camera had a mirror box that would reflect what was seen through the lens up to the viewfinder so the photographer could look through and capture his image perfectly.  With the Panasonic Lumix g1 this mirror box was removed and replaced with a small lcd screen.  This allowed the SLR to become much more compact.

Now there are two companies that have adapted this new lens standard.  Olympus has been working on a micro 4/3 point and shoot while Panasonic has come out with the Lumix g1 (and also the GH1 that has the ability to shoot HD video)

So now I have this beautiful new micro 4/3 SLR camera that I can go out and take amazing photographs with as well as do professional photo shoots.

Interested in hiring a photographer? videographer?  graphic designer?  web developer?