Have you ever thought about how lavalamps are a metaphor for reality. Two types of matter being affected by energy to create infinite combination of possibilities. Shapes are created as the substance collides with itself and it can take on many forms. It is also constantly changing. Yet even though all this energy is creating these visually stimulating effect it is still contained in a jar. The amount of matter in the container remains the same. It is a varying constant. Always changing, yet never changing. Reality is so full of contradictions and variances, yet it still remains constant. But what if I told you that everything both exists and doesn’t exist at the same time… that every question has been asked and yet no questions have ever been asked and the answer is both true and false. What if I told you that the only thing holding reality together is the ego…

Or maybe I just stared at the lava lamp a little too much….

So anyway, this weekend was AWESOME!
Parker setup the visuals for Crystal Method at Sky Lounge. And what an awesome show that was! Then we went to a warehouse party and setup visuals there as well. It also looks like we have a venu to setup the aMAZEing 3D show in Austin! And lots and lots of people are interested in helping. The 8D crew website is underway and will hopefully be up and running by early next year. Oh and then Sunday I went to the coolest party EVER! It was a burlesque show thrown by The Enchanted Forest with the theme of black and red, my favorite colors! They had fire dancing, half naked girls everywhere and free drinks. The crew setup out there and we got some amazing footage to cut together for a DVD that will hopefully be available early next year! (I will keep ya’ll posted!) So now its Monday, I’m exhausted… about to get off work…
oh yeah, one more thing…. I’m really tired of picking up strippers. It seems everywhere I go I end up getting the strippers number and I’m really tired of it. I have some really good friends that work at clubs and I love them very much (the friends, I don’t usually frequent strip clubs myself) but DAMN IT, can’t I just meet a beautiful, sexy, wild, fun girl who ISN’T a stripper for ONCE! Its like a curse!
Sry girls, I hope I didn’t offend you or anything, I love you beautiful ladies!

I’m gonna just shut the hell up before I get myself into trouble with this twisted mind of mine.