So I did a lot of driving this weekend and since I was away from Austin I had to scan the radio to find something worth listening to. Well, as most of my friends know, I am a big fan of Hip Hop; 2Pac, Biggie, Atmosphere, Lupe Fiasco, Wu Tang, Sage Francis, NAS, ect….
Well as I am scanning the radio for some decent music to listen to I stop for a moment at a hip hop beat and this is what I hear:

I saw him on the corner selling crack
and I said “Hey man, No way!”
jumped out tha whip, put him on his knees
and said “Its time to pray.
Accept Jesus in your heart today.”

I was shocked…
a little while later I’m scanning through and I hear this:

hey dawg, stop frontin
you know Jesus is the only one to be lovin
and if the devils got your back
then Jesus will knock him back
take that… ratta tat tat!

Once again… shocked!
why is it that these gangsta beats are buzzing on Christian radio with lyrics that speak about salvation! I was so confused. Now don’t get me wrong, this has nothing to do with Christianity or my religious beliefs. This has to do with hip hop and what hip hop stands for. Hip hop is all about nice whips and money, chillin with fine honeys, bashin heads cuz its funny. Christian music is all about praise, worship, glory and exaltation. Hip hop beats accentuate the message that hip hop brings. Hard bass, cool beats, to accentuate the hip hop nature. Which, as I mentioned before, is mostly evil. Christian music is supposed to be exalting and showing praise to a most high God. These two just DO NOT MIX! Not at ALL! So PLEASE Christian Hip Hop artist PLEASE STOP!

Then I scan again for a new station and this is what I hear:

Cuz I get down, with Jesus in this town
so don’t mess with me or push me around
cuz Jesus got my back, yeah Jesus got my back
and all you fine honeys that be rubbin all up on me
betta step back, step back, can’t you see
abstinent is the way he wants me to be
so if you wanna get this you gotta marry me

Thank you.