Are you tired of people judging you everywhere you go?  Are you fed up with people categorizing you because of the clothes you wear or how you act?  Are you tired of people calling you a goth, prep, freak, emo, jock, nerd, geek, blonde or dweeb?  Are you fed up with people thinking you know martial arts because your from Asia or everyone trying to out drink you because your Irish?  Are people checking to make sure you tipped enough just because your Jewish?  Or are girls always asking you to dance just because your black?  Well my friends, I understand.  That is why I made my “Stereotype Me” t-shirts!   With everyone walking around in these white cotton t-shirts and bluejeans people won’t have a CLUE what category to put us in.   So come on non-conformist, let us unite together and force people to categorize us all!  Buy your “Stereotype Me” t-shirt today!  Available in HIS and HERS.

available in emo, dweeb, nerd, geek, jock, freak, prep, goth and more!

All proceeds go towards replacing my stolen laptop so I can continue bringing you thoughts from my mind.