Todays blog is brought to you by Pandora Free Internet Radio! Because that’s whats been entertaining my audible sense all morning! 😀

Today I’m going to tell you 101 cool things you can do with your wii or wiimote! 😀
Sounds like fun, right!?!

ok here goes!

1. Create a 3D virtual reality with wii head tracking by Johnny Lee
2. Setup a virtual drum kit!
3. Setup your wiimote as your computer mouse and use it to play Team Fortress 2
4. Drop a mod chip in and never pay for games again!
5. Draw on a screen with the whiteboard mod
6. Throw your remote through your $1000 plasma tv, or stick it in the wall, or throw it through a window…
7. Control your house with your wii
8. Create your own wii homebrew software
9. Ensure proper oral hygiene
10. Change your wiimote LED color
11. Make a wii laptop part 1
12. Wake a wii laptop part 2
13. Make a wii laptop part 3
14. Control 3D Studio Max models with your wiimote
15. Create an awesome lazer harp with a bad-ass wiimote mod
16. Virtual Graffiti!
17. Make fire DANCE with the wiimote
18. Turn your wiimote into a lightsaber
19. DJ up some phat beats
20. Play with an old-school nintendo duck hunt gun
21. Play your Xbox360 with the wiimote
22. Get Minority Report style hand control
23. Build a wii controlled door lock
24. Record the angle of digital photos and use that information to correct photograph perspective
25. Play lazer tag
26. Make a wiiphone
27. Make a battery powered sensor bar
28. Add an antenna to boost wiifi range
29. Catch your wife cheating
30. Play free wii flash games
31. More free wii games
32. And even more free games
33. prepare for surgery
34. Watch some video made for wii
35. More wii accessible video
36. And even more wii video
37. Stream media from your PC to your Wii
38. Get some specs on your cars performance
39. Drive your roomba around
40. Build a wii race horse
101. Build a bad-ass wii case

So yeah, that should about wrap things up, 101 cool things to do with your wii!
Hey, I never claimed to know how to count!