will take you to some interesting places to meet some interesting people.

So take a moment to check this out!

First of all let me tell you about:
The Tree Of Life
The Tree Of Life is a rejuvenation center located in Patagonia Arizona. A place of holistic healing and spirituality. And the view from the Arizona mountains is amazing.

Next on the agenda of cool things you need to check out:
Orange Piel
Orange Piel does interior design and prints photography on wall sized screens. They have a few artists that are featured on the site but they can also print any image that is provided. They also print window screens that are really nice and look amazing when the light shines through them. They are perfect for home, office or store front.

ok now if wall sized prints wasn’t cool enough for you maybe you need to check out the 3D television by

They don’t have the 42″ 3D television available on their website yet but it should be available soon (starting around $4,000) They do have a 3D computer monitor that is quite impressive. Their products work with innovative lenticular technology to create the 3D effect.

I also discovered a new online digital art gallery that is worth checking out:
Its Art

Its Art magazine is a source of information and online gallery for digital art. Worth spending some time there and checking it all out.

Some more art worth checking out is my buddy Marco Valenzuela. This is his 2008 3D modeling reel. Marco is an amazing character model and is currently available for hire or freelance work.

Another project I’ll be working on this year is the
Coalessence Festival
Coalessence will be moving from Eureka Springs to Austin Texas this fall. For more information stay tuned to their website.

Well let me see… What else… I have so much cool software I have recently discovered but I think I’m going to just leave you with a my VJ promo clip.