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Today I’m going to tell you how to build your own TERABYTE network server for LESS than $250!!!! (wow!) for those of you that don’t know a terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes. That is a lot of space for you to store all those wonderful files you have been downloading off the internet! Or all those pictures you have been taking with your digital camera. Hey, I’m here to tell you how to build the damn thing not how to fill it up, that part is entirely up to you. Now the one benefit of this device that is worth mentioning is that it is a network hosted storage device so anyone on your home network can access the files (with permission) and download or upload to it.

Alrighty then, now let me introduce to you this wonderfully powerful and very cool device called the NSLU2 (Network Storage Link USB 2 (Universal Serial Bus)) Often called a slug. Connecting him with 2x 500 GB Hard Drives gives you a Terabyte SMB (Server Message Block) Network! (with some software restrictions but were gonna fix that…)
1. NSLU2 – $44.53 at
2. 2x 500GB USB2 Hard Drives – $89.99 each at
Total= $224.51

OK so now you have the equipment…

I probably should remind you now (since you’ve already gone and purchased everything) that when purchasing a hard drive I would recommend getting one that has fans and runs very cool as you will probably be leaving your server on all the time. This will help prevent such horrible disasters as a massive hard drive fail and you loosing all your data.

Ok so now… plug everything in and plug your NSLU2 into your home network! VOLA!
You have a shared Terabyte network storage device! all for less than $250
“But NATE! is there more???”
More??? wait, you don’t like proprietary software??? you want to install a version of Linux on this little box so you can program it to do anything!

Now here is where being a little tech savvy will go a long ways (especially if you have some knowledge of Linux) What your going to want to do now is UNLOCK your NSLU2 by installing a version of Linux on it called uNSLUng. You can then run all sorts of cool stuff from it and even host your website from it! Isn’t that cool!
I’m not going to go into the specifics of all that because everything you need to know is already found on this website: