Today I’m going to tell you about my top 10 websites.   So get your web-surfing finger primed and ready to click.

Featuring flying monkeys and bags of crap is your place to find the deal of the day.  Every day a new deal is featured.   They also feature deals on t-shirts and wine on ShirtWoot and WineWoot.

While your checking out the deals on woot you ought to check out the deals at

Fat Wallet is an online deal shopping website.   The forums are a great place to post deals you have found and also find deals that others have posted.  People can also leave feedback on deals.

After all that shopping I’ll bet you need to just sit back, relax and watch some funny videos on is a place for you to waste hours and hours of time at work when your boss isn’t looking.   They feature the best videos on the internet as well as make their own original comedy shorts.   They also have a nice collection of hilarious photos that readers have uploaded.  Great place to waste time and get a good laugh.

Now when your tired of all that wasting time watching funny videos you can go to this website and actually learn something new. is an internet tv station with some really interesting shows.  PixelPerfect features Bert Monroy teaching various photoshop tips and tricks.  Hack5 is a show for network security wizards and features various tips on network security, modding, open source and various other subjects that appel to your technolust.  Scam School is a show for tricksters and riddlers that want to scam their way to a few free drinks. Thats just a taste of what Revision3 Internet Television has to offer.

Getting tired of watching internet videos?  Well then why don’t you click your way to is a place to see some of the best artist of our time.  Big names such as Brom, Andrew Gonzalez, Alex Grey and HR Giger are featured on this site.

Another great online art gallery is

Its Art Magazine is a place for digital artist to have their work published in an online magazine.  There is some really cool stuff and amazing artwork on this website.

Now that you’ve seen all that awesome digital artwork I’ll bet you wish you had the resources to create your own.  Well I’m not going to tell you how to do it but I will give you a push in the right direction.   All aboard Mates, were heading to the


Well there are some cool blogs out there as well.  Although it is indisputable that mine is the GREATEST WEB BLOG EVER!  Although these other blogs are worth reading as well.

Hack a day features different hard mods, soft mods and cool stuff for the technical elite.

If you like gadgets then you need to keep an eye on Engadget.  Always featuring new and cool electronics.

One last blog worth noting is maintained by Johnny Lee.  He talks about all sorts of cool tech stuff on there and is always an interesting, innovative and informative.

Well thats all, 10 new sites for you to surf.  Hope you enjoy!