This Christmas I upgraded to the g1 running the android operating system.  I have to say, it is the best phone I have ever owned. The flip open QWERTY keyboard gives it a huge advantage over the iPhone, although it does lack a multi touch screen. Android is an open source phone operating system which allows users to program their own applications. This has created a huge database of applications for users to choose from. I have downloaded and deleted enough apps that I could have filled my memory up 3x over! So today I’m going to tell you my best android application picks.

to download these apps browse to this page from your android device
application links only work on the android operating system

1. PostBot – This application gets the number 1 slot simply because I’m using it right now. It allows you to post to your wordpress blog straight from your android! It also lets you save and manage multiple blogs.

2. Task Switcher – A MUST HAVE application for the android. This program lets you switch between tasks quickly and easily. Once installed go to your settings and check Use Camera Button. Then you have easy access to your task swapping.

3. Sky Map – This application is so cool! And a great reason to take your romance interest “stargazing” at that secluded hill above the city. It connects with your GPS and phone balance sensors to determine exactly what constellations the phone is being pointed at at that time. Then you can simply pan your phone to view and pinpoint all of the symbols in the stars!

4. Twilight – As a photographer I like this application because it tells you what time the sun will rise and set each day. It also tells you dawn and dusk times. Great for making sure you catch that hour of golden light in your shoot.

5. aLastFM player – I love this application! I connect my android to my car stereo and then start up my personalized lastFM station and jam all day without commercials. The one issue I have had with the android is there is no way to charge the device while playing music. It needs a built in headset jack or a microUSB headset splitter.

6. Woot Checker – Get daily updates on deals from! This application keeps you on top of the deals as well as notifying you as soon as a new deal is released.

7. Locale – Tired of your phone ringing in the middle of an important meeting? Locale lets you set conditions for ring settings based on time, event or location. You can set it so your phone automatically silences when you walk into a movie theater or ignore calls from your boss when you get home.

8. RemoteDroid – Network your android device with your computer. Then use your keyboard to type and your touch screen as a touch pad. Requires that you have this software installed on your computer as well.

9. Tetherbot – This program requires a little bit of tweaking but it allows you to connect your phone to your computer and browse the internet through your phones connection.

10. Samuel Jackson Soundboard – There are a few soundboard apps for android including Arnold Sounds and Mr T.  Samuel Jackson is my favorite and works great for prank calling your friends on speaker phone.

Well there are a ton more cool applications for the android but these are my choices. If you have favorites you feel should have been included in the list feel free to mention them in the comments.