[popuponload height=”360″ width=”360″ title=”Wordpress Thickbox Pop Up On Load”]

Are you looking for a smooth looking thickbox to pop up on your wordpress post or page when loaded?

The Solution To Your Need Is HERE!
with a simple shortcode!

Thickbox Pop Up On Load Auto Load
for Pages or Posts WordPress Shortcode
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CLICK HERE to download the plugin!

The purpose of this plugin is to have a single thickbox pop-up open when the page loads by inserting a shortcode into a post or page
Thickbox is automatically included in wordpress and is added to your theme if not already integrated through another plugin.

You can use additional shortcodes inside shortcode tags for added functionality (ie insert a contact form or gallery)

Proper Usage with Shotcode in a post or page is as follows:
[[popuponload]    [/popuponload]]
this shortcode  is to encapusalate the text and content you want in your thickbox autopop-up
it is ideal to have content in the proper tags: ie <p></p> <h1></h1> <span></span> ect..

variables are:
height (default: 500)
width  (default: 600)
title  (default: blank)
display (default: none) – can be any css display property:
this allows you to display the pop-up content in the post as well!
css  (default:  default.css)  – for experienced coding only
you can edit default.css from the plugin directory or upload
your own custom css to the plugin directory and specify that .css file instead

example usage:

[[popuponload height=”200″ width=”200″ title=”Your Title Here”]<p>Pop-Up Content</p>[/popuponload]]

example LINK to open pop-up window from page:
<a title=”Your Title Here” href=”#TB_inline?height=200&amp;width=200&amp;inlineId=thickbox-popup-onload” class=”thickbox”>CLICK HERE TO OPEN POP-UP</a>

CLICK HERE to download the plugin!

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todo:  make pop-up appear only once (per day, visit ect) so as not to annoy users when browsing website
       add additional options for thickbox  ie remove header, round corners, ect

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